Breast Cancer

  • Manual lymphatic drainage massage
  • Treatment for ‘cording’
  • Rehabilitation of the shoulder
  • Advice on managing lymphoedema
  • Measuring for a compression sleeve and request to GP to provide it
  • Advice on safe and appropriate exercise during cancer treatment

The different types of treatment for breast cancer depend on the exact type of cancer that has been diagnosed. Many women have one or all of their lymph nodes removed as a result of their cancer treatment and will also have a lumpectomy or full mastectomy.  This surgical intervention can sometimes cause significant pain and discomfort on top of the strong chemo or radio therapy treatment required.

The lymphatic system is a complex one, and the symptoms arising from the removal of axillary lymph nodes can be negligible for one woman, and significant for another.  Pain, swelling and ‘cording’ where a string is felt along the arm and into the axilla can cause great discomfort.  Many women also struggle with regaining pain free active movement in their shoulder on the affected side after breast cancer.

I recommend that any lady who has had any surgery for breast cancer has lymphatic drainage massage as soon as possible to help to maintain the lymphatic flow in the arm and over the chest wall and to promote the regeneration of the fine lymphatic pathways.  I will also advise you on the need for a compression sleeve and ask your GP to prescribe an appropriate one.  Using very gentle manual techniques and stretching and strengthening exercises I will help you to regain the function in your shoulder. I will also help you to work out the safest and most appropriate forms of exercise to be doing while you are pregnant.

If you are currently still undergoing cancer treatment, please check with your Oncologist that they are happy for you to be having manual lymphatic drainage massage and Physiotherapy.

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