Post Partum check up

  • Assessment of Rectus Abdominal Diastasis (RAD) which is the healing of the tummy muscle separation after pregnancy
  • Exercises and education to heal RAD
  • Assessment and advice as to when it is SAFE to return to exercise
  • Pelvic floor assessment of muscle strength, and education regarding the correct activation technique and strengthening exercises via real time ultrasound scanning and/or an internal examination
  • Postural assessment

Pregnancy and child birth have a profound impact upon a Women’s body.  Many of the women that I see are unaware of just how significant these changes are, and believe that once they have had the ‘all clear’ from their Doctor at 6 weeks, they are safe to immediately resume all the activities and exercises that they were doing prior to falling pregnant.

I strongly believe that this is contributing to the fact that 1 in 3 women are urinary incontinent and 1 in 8 women are faecally incontinent.  Incontinence remains a very taboo and awkward subject, and traditionally women have largely suffered in silence with these issues.  Thankfully I think that women are now less likely to just ‘accept’ that this is something that they are going to have to live with for the rest of their lives.  Many women are empowering themselves by seeking help for their pelvic floors when they have a problem, or even better, they are actually taking steps to reduce the chances of issues developing in the future.

The post partum check up can be done anytime after you have stopped bleeding after childbirth. (A few of my clients have come to see me after they have become Grandmothers themselves following their daughters coming to see me; it’s never too late!)

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