“I have been seeing Lulu with my son for treatment of bedwetting over the past month. We have been given thorough, effective support with this tricky problem that I thought had no solution and we would have to wait till he ‘grew out of it’. Since starting we gone from every night wet, often 2 – 3 times, to every second night with much smaller accidents. My son is doing pelvic floor exercises like a pro (which I never even dreamed was possible) and we can see light at the end of the tunnel. It had been so frustrating to be left to deal with this issue on our own, I am so grateful to Lulu for her knowledge, enthusiasm and practical help, I cannot recommend this service highly enough!” Mrs B

“Thank you so much Lulu.  Your help and advice today was invaluable, best thing I’ve done since having Lucy and it’s given me the confidence that I can recover (slowly!) and what to do so that I can do for Lucy to support her development which is the most important.  I will definitely be recommending you to other Mums! ” Mrs B

“I have just been to see Lulu in Wandsworth for a Mum and Baby MOT. It is VITAL to look after yourself post delivery. I thought I knew this but I learnt so much about my posture, tummy muscles and pelvic floor that I now know that I was only scratching the surface. All is great with a few things to work on! I would highly recommend Lulu for all Mums so do check out her special offer at the moment to celebrate moving into her own treatment space!”  Holly

“I had an extremely helpful consultation with Lulu today. She had lots of really good advice to help ease my back pain and regain strength after pregnancy and child birth. Following a detailed assessment, the treatment included Accupuncture as well as physical manipulation and lots of advice about exercises to do. She also did a developmental check on my daughter. She is well informed and very supportive and positive. I would really recommend anyone who has recently had a baby paying her a visit.”   Miranda

“I have hardly experienced any leaking at all this week, (only twice since Monday) compared to 4 -6 times a day previously. I have honestly not seen progress like this in over a year, and never this rapidly!” Anon

“Thank you so much for my session with you today Lulu. I am now ready and looking forward to getting back into my yoga when I get back home. You restored not only my confidence for yoga physically but I think more importantly emotionally. I’m really grateful for your assessment and advice regarding my prolapse.” Mrs G

“Lulu is amazing! Really helped my mastitis.” Karen
“You are exactly the Physio I was looking for! I feel so much more confident about what I can and cannot do regarding my pelvic floor and Diastasis Recti.  Thank you for all your advice and time” Mrs V

“Lulu is a brilliant physiotherapist doing truly inspiring work with children.” Michelle

“Lulu treated me after a very traumatic birth and has been incredible getting me back on my feet. Thank you!”  Nicole

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