How to help a Constipated Child

A Guide for Parents to understand more about Children’s Constipation

Thank you again so much for your help with the videos Lulu. I am so happy to say we now have Holly pooing in the toilet and by herself. She is still battling with sore poos from time to time, but I am keeping up the movicol and keeping her as hydrated as we can.  Thank you so much again for your advice it has saved us. 

Lauren, Queensland Australia

Lulu is a Physiotherapist with a special interest in Pelvic and Women’s Health. She is passionate about empowering Parents to understand how and why their children can become constipated and the enormous impact this can have on a child’s well being.

This video series is focussed on the biggest cause of Children’s Constipation; Functional Constipation.

The topics covered are:

1. How and Why Children become constipated.

2. 14 Signs your Child may be constipated.

3. Why does Poop have such an impact on the bladder?

4. How does constipation cause skid marks and poo accidents?

5. The impact of constipation on children, anxiety and picky eating.

6. Laxatives, for when prune juice isn’t enough.

7. What can you do to prevent your child becoming constipated?

8. Toilet set up, why is a foot stool so important?

9. What can you do if you suspect your child is constipated?

10. The tummy massage.

11. Tummy massage with silicone cups.

12. How can a pelvic health Physio help?

13. Some other thoughts from years of working with constipated children.

14. Twelve steps to to help a child who prefers a nappy to learn to poo in the toilet.

How can I get my child to poo in the toilet?

99% of the children I see who are nappy/diaper only poopers are also constipated. Which is why this video is part of the the children’s constipation video series. I really believe it’s essential that you understand what is considered ‘normal’ for a child’s bladder and bowel function before addressing and progressing your child to poop in the toilet.

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