“Just stop worrying about all the kitty cats”

Pelvic pain is always a journey

I’m currently treating a lady who has been on one of those pelvic pain journeys that break your heart. She has constant pain into her anus that gets so bad she has to stop mid-sentence. The first time I met her she said to me “Do you know how awkward it is to have to stop a conversation with a stranger because your anus feels like it’s being repetitively stabbed?”

She has been to umpteen Doctors in the past 18 months and was most recently diagnosed with proctalgia fugax (severe intermittent episodes of pain in the rectum) by a Doctor who said there nothing that could be done for her. When she mentioned she felt it was exacerbated by stress, he agreed it may have an impact. As she walked out of his practice, he said “just stop worrying about all the kitty cats”. Extremely helpful advice.

She decided to see if a chiropractor would be helpful, and her chiro (who I know through social media) very kindly referred on to me.

Tension, stress and the pelvic floor go hand in hand

Unsurprisingly when I assessed her, she had LOADS of tension in her pelvic floor, particularly around her anus. This has improved significantly and she has been working hard on her homework of breathing and relaxing her tummy and pelvic floor and even had a few pain free days in the past week.

As she left today she said “Lulu why did none of the Doctors that I saw recommend pelvic floor Physio to me? There have been days when I thought I may be better off dead. How did I not know that there was help available?” All the times I feel like throwing my phone in the bin are nullified by conversions like these.

How wonderful are these platforms for sharing awareness about subjects that are generally considered too taboo for mainstream media.

Thank you all for being a part of my community and helping others to get help 💕