Suffering from pelvic dysfunction may leave you feeling lonely and broken, but there is help.

Holding a space for ladies to come and talk about an issue that they feel deeply ashamed of; is a privilege! 

I recently treated a beautiful woman who almost wept when I told her she isn’t alone or abnormal or broken for struggling to control her bowels. “You see in all the years I’ve struggled with this, I’ve never actually even told my Doctor about it” she said, “it’s just too embarrassing”. In the short space of time that we have been working together, she has had a huge improvement in her symptoms of fecal incontinence. “I just wish I had found someone who understood earlier” she said to me last week.

Imagine ladies did not have to go through so much trauma before finding healing.

How wonderful it would be if we were unashamed to talk about our pelvic health conditions and treated them the same way we treated any other conditions.

How wonderful it would be if we could reduce the stigma around leaking and pelvic pain and point ladies in the correct direction sooner; so that they could get the appropriate help before their physical issue becomes a psychological one too.

How wonderful it would be to know that there is an established support system out there that we can step into.

You are not alone. You are not broken.

If your bladder, bowels, or vagina are making you feel broken and impacting your daily life, please know that you are in fact not alone. I encourage you to find an experienced pelvic health physio who will listen, understand and provide a safe environment for you to share what has been going on.

The emotional and physical relief you will experience by seeing someone who is confident in treating these conditions and can support you in healing holistically and re-establishing your faith in your body is worth the discomfort of being truly vulnerable.