The Oh Nut – a new solution for couples with discomfort during Sex

The first I saw mention of the Oh Nut was on an international Women’s Health Physio group I belong to, (how wonderful is social media for allowing us to keep up with ALL the new and exciting things in the world!). I immediately sent the link to the ladies at Matilda’s and suggested they try and stock them. Well it appeared they were even quicker to the party than I was, as they were already in talks with the suppliers to get them here to SA. I was SO excited when the lovely Matildas team sent me my own Oh Nut set recently to review myself and to show the ladies I treat.

It’s like a bumper for the penis. And while not everyone may need a penis bumper, for ladies who struggle with discomfort during deeper penetration, it could be a life saver. So I wouldn’t call it a sex toy per say, but more of a prop. And I would obviously recommend pelvic floor physio alongside using it to help to relax and release the underlying tension in the muscles causing the discomfort in the first place. It’s said that up to 75% of women experience discomfort with intercourse at some point, and while not everyone struggles with discomfort solely linked to penetration depth, many, many do.

The Oh Nut has 4 stackable rings that you slide on to the base of the penis so that it doesn’t go in as deeply to the vagina during sex. It’s often the deeper pelvic floor muscles that are “tight” and tender, and I tend to see this most in ladies who struggle with constipation and those who have had a caeserean, especially if the birth was stressful.

The Oh Nut was developed by Emily Sauer, who used a crowdfunding platform to raise her money to develop her idea of a device to help women like herself who struggle with discomfort with sex. You can see her initial funding request video here.

The soft and squidgy (BPA free) rings lock into each other, and depending on how much you want to limit the depth of penetration, you use one, two, three or all four stacked together. You can still use a condom with them, and they are safe to use with lube to (which you certainly should already be using if you have any discomfort with sex). The texture of the rings is really appealing. One of my clients today squeezed a ring in her hand after noticing the box on my desk and said “it just feels like it would feel good hey”? Yes. It really does.

None of my ladies have purchased one to try (yet!), so I haven’t had any first hand reports; but the online reviews seem GREAT. In the weird synchronicity that is the world, this morning someone posted on another special interest group I’m on asking if anyone had any feedback on it, and there was a resounding round of applause from pelvic health physios around the world for how the Oh Nut is helping ladies!

The feedback from men seems positive too, with the guys saying it didn’t diminish their experience at all. Really I think one of my clients this week summed up beautifully when she said “I guess any guy would find it awesome if he knew it was helping his partner”.

You can order your Oh Nut from Matildas here if you live in South Africa (and get R150 off if you use the code LULU in the check out)!

And if you already have one, I would so love to hear how you are finding it!