Fertility Essentials.

Would you rather go for a Walk or Meditate?

I encourage all the women working with me in their journey to conceive, to begin a mindfulness / meditation practice.

For some ladies, the thought of sitting down and trying to meditate is too overwhelming.

Going for a mindful walk can be incredibly beneficial. If it’s somewhere beautiful, it’s even more helpful.

🚶‍♀️Set aside some time to go for a walk on your own
🚶‍♀️No podcasts/scrolling or phone calls while you stroll
🚶‍♀️Check in with your senses as you walk

👂 What can you hear?
👁️ What can you see?
👃 What can you smell?
🖐️ Can you pick up something and touch it and really feel it?

Trying to conceive can make us disconnected from our bodies as our minds race backwards and forwards to try and “solve” the worries about conceiving.

A gentle walk connecting to the senses is a wonderful way to come back to our bodies and out of our busy brains.