We are Moving

Those of you who have been to see me here recently, know that a new adventure is about to begin for me and my family on the North coast. We plan to start building our new home in Salt Rock early next year (2024) and we will be living there from the end of this month (November 2023).

While we make the transition, and my girls get settled in their new school, I will have a few months off from seeing clients. My diary is currently full until we move.

I am not yet sure where Chanty and I will be practicing from next year, but we will update you once we know.

It is with very mixed emotions that we make this move. Again I am reminded of how there are pros and cons, gains and losses with each decision we make. I have adored working from our beautiful home for the past 5 years and treating so many of you here. We have hosted weekly exercise classes, taught courses and workshops and welcomed so many of you reading this onto this property. This home has been incredibly good to us as a family and as a location for my practice and I am so delighted that the new family soon to move in here are such lovely people. We are really going to miss this community, and I am very glad that we will only be a 25 minute drive away.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our practice. Your friendships and care. Chanty and I are so grateful.

With love from

Lulu x