Introducing “Hello Mom:” an assessment for postpartum moms

As moms ourselves and physiotherapists who are passionate about womens and pelvic health, we have developed “Hello Mom.” Hello mom is an assessment for anyone who has ever had a baby; to help to reconnect them to their postpartum body.

Why are we so passionate about postpartum care?

We understand that the miracles of pregnancy and birth can cause big changes to your body. Changes that you may not be prepared, and may not know how to seek help for. As a postpartum mom, the only routine care that you receive is a checkup with your gynae or midwife at 6 weeks to give you a Pap smear and the all-clear for sex and exercise. 

Yet after having a baby your body will never be the same.

In France, women are routinely provided with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy post partum, as their government has realised the long term benefits of this for women.

Sadly, this isn’t the case in South Africa and many post partum women go on to suffer in silence with diastis recti, reduced core strength, pendulous tummys, incontinence and pain with sex or using a tampon.

Our dream is that ALL new Mama’s see a pelvic health Physio as a part of their post partum journey. A ‘hello mom’ check is important regardless of wether you had a caeserean or a vaginal birth and wether or not you are experiencing any pelvic floor symptoms.

For more information on what an initial pelvic floor physio exam involves, read this post.

I always say that my favourite ‘hello mom’ assessments are on the ladies who are currently having no symptoms, but have taken the time and effort to ensure that their tummy muscles and pelvic floor are working as optimally as possible before getting back to the exercise and lifestyle they love!

Please do contact me (Lulu) or Chanty if you have any further questions. You can also see more about what we do on Instagram. Lulu: @luluphysio is based in La Lucia and Chanty @beautifulpelvis is based in Ballito.

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