Toilet talk: how to manage constipation during a crisis

How happy is your poop looking at this crazy time?

Is anyone else feeling as though they are likely to actually need less toilet paper over the next few weeks 🙈? Pasta is a great lockdown staple in my house, but it has not been great for my “poopin schedule.”

It is so important for us all to pay attention to what our bowels are doing over the next few weeks. I have compiled a little list of tips and tricks and things to look out for to make it easier for you.

1) Buy frozen fruit and veg to have in the freezer if you are worried about less frequent access to fresh produce.

2) Keep drinking water! Bowels love water and we want our 💩 to look like a soft banana! As soon as our poo starts to look dry (you can see cracks and ball-like shapes) we are not drinking enough water. Everyone’s water needs are different, but if your urine is a pale straw colour then you know you are getting it right.

3) How many portions of fresh fruit and veg have you had today? (I tell the kids I treat to aim for 5 servings the size of their hands). Frozen berries are such a hit with my kids (and me as well), it works like a treat for all of us and it is giving us the goodness our bodies need.

4) ALWAYS use a foot stool and make the time to sit on the loo for 5 mins, 10 mins after a meal and try and poop. Inhale make belly big, exhale tighten tummy muscles and push to poo (no breath holding!)

5) Remember that pooping and mood are linked. 90% of our serotonin hormone (responsible for feelings of well being and happiness) is made in our gut! Therefore the more constipated you are; the more like shit you tend to feel! And right now, we need all the help we can get with our mental well being. 

If despite all this you are still struggling with constipation, you may want to consider seeing a Pelvic Health Physio. Constipation can have such a negative effect on our pelvic floor, our general health and our well being that it is worth taking the time to get yourself properly checked out.