The link between creativity, the pelvis, and healing

I find that creativity and the flow of feminine energy (especially in the pelvis) are intricately and incredibly intertwined.

In the years I’ve been doing this work; I’ve observed how when women are functioning more in a masculine energetic way (what I call survivor mode which is logical, practical, getting things done), and not having enough time nor space to nurture our more creative and intuitive sides; this can manifest in an imbalance in the tension of the muscles in the pelvic floor. This disparity can contribute to prolapse, pain with intercourse, or in the pelvis and leaking urine/stool.

Many of you reading this who have been to see me with any pelvic floor symptoms have had as a part of your homework, to do something creative.

Creativity encompasses such a wide variety of things.

Creativity is not only expressed in painting or drawing. To be creative is to do anything that is beyond basic survival mode. Cooking, gardening, curating your clothes, decorating your home, reading, and writing are all CREATIVE.

In this time where we are all forced to be at home; when I look deeper than the obviously awful health, social and economic ramifications of this pandemic; I see some flickering hope.

Creativity makes room for hope.

I see gardening, decluttering, cooking, and baking from scratching and so so many arts and craft sessions. I see books being read and more sleep. I see less accumulation and more forced creative resourcefulness. And I wonder what profound impact this is having on our collective feminine? 

I so enjoyed creating this picture. What creativity have you worked into your days in the past few weeks?

Creativity brings healing as it helps us to get in touch with who we really are and how we were made. Creativity should not be seen as a luxury but rather as an essential part of our mental, emotional, and physical health. My hope is that taking time for our own creativity becomes part of the natural rhythm of our lives as we are forced to slow down and live differently.